Eveline Str erf rezoning

10 September 2018 | Government

A number of applications that were submitted to the City of Windhoek in an effort to rezone an erf in Goreangab from institutional to restricted business, was declined.

In 2011, the erf – situated in the notorious Eveline Street and which is around 3 500m² in size – was to be sold to a school or a crèche. However, according to a council document, only two of the ten applications received were for institutional purposes (a church and an orphanage). The rest were for business purposes and no schools or crèches applied.

The municipality's strategic executive for housing, property management and human settlement, indicated that the area applied for is located close to many shebeens, which brings about alcohol abuse and noise pollution, which is not a conductive environment for children.

The City further stated that children should play in a safe and stimulating environment that supports friendships, relations with children in the community and group development needs. “Again, the area is not conducive,” the team said.

They added that the area is prone to violence and that children should be raised in a safe and sound environment.

Comments from the strategic executive for urban and transport planning added that institutional land is not only for schools or crèches but that there are other uses for the erf. “Institutional land may be needed in that area in 10 or 20 years' time,” they stated.

This division is also not in support of rezoning the entire erf for business use and proposes that a portion be rezoned to municipal and be used for a market.

One of the applicants, Ex-Quisite Investments, submitted their application in September last year. This applicant is currently occupying the erf illegally. “They should be notified to vacate the property. If they refuse, the matter must be handed over to the chief executive officer to institute legal proceedings against them and to obtain an eviction order,” the document read.

Council recommended that the erf be subdivided into five portions.

The City is responsible for the town planning and cadastral procedures and the costs should be recovered from the sale of the erven to be created. They further recommended that portions A to E of the erf be rezoned to business and the remainder renamed to street.

After the successful implementation of the town planning and the provision of services on these portions, they recommended it be sold on open tender for commercial purposes.

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