In the house of the Lord

19 April 2018 | People

Whitney Movers is an artist who does everything in faith and she includes God in every little plan she makes.

Raised in Walvis Bay, Whitney has become a native of Windhoek as this is where she currently serves her purpose. She says as a child she was always the quiet and shy girl, except when she was singing.

“I grew up in a Christian home where both my parents served God even before I was born. I think I am one of those blessed people who had a strong Christian foundation since day one,” Whitney says.

She was born on New Year's Day, but she became born again on 7 July 2011. She says it was her choice to become a Christian.

“God was preparing me throughout that year without me even knowing. I was busy singing and the next moment I found myself at the altar surrendering my everything to God. Seven years after that encounter, I never had any doubts about wanting to go back to the world,” Whitney says.

Whitney uses her singing abilities to minister to others adding that even before she born, her cousin knew she would be able to sing.

“When my mother was pregnant with me, my cousin just walked up to her and said, 'her name is going to be Whitney and she will sing'.”

Her mother decided to give her that name and she has became a singer.

She started singing when she was five-years-old. “Since day one I knew this was my passion, because when I see a microphone nobody can stop me from picking it up,” Whitney says.

Her love for music and singing has led to her also write songs. She says that although she does not play any instruments, she wants to learn, because it will improve her writing.

“The best thing about composing is when I find myself in a place where the Spirit of God leads me and directs the melodies,” she says.

According to Whitney, she loves being an artist because she gets to see God work through her gift and at the same time she speaks into people's lives. “The testimonies I get after ministering makes me want to go on and on with what I am doing. As an artist, making a positive impact on people's lives is a blessing.”

She says the reason she become a gospel artist is because she simply wanted to give back to God, who entrusted her with the gift.

“He gave His everything to me, so the least I can do is to honour Him with my talent. Singing for Him gives me the greatest joy ever.”

Whitney says she hopes to go international with her music, to make a global difference. She wants to use her gift to not only inspire others, but to also show them what God can do.

“I see myself on huge platforms with great artists and some of my favourite international performers. This is not to be seen or to be heard, but just to bring the lost to the light so the Kingdom of God can grow,” Whitney says.

She says that planning is good and she has no problem with doing this, but she is a firm believer of going where God sends her.

She says she will follow the plans God has for her life. “People think I am crazy when I tell them this, but then those same people stand amazed when they see what God has done and after all that I get questions like, 'Whitney, how did you get here?' My faith in God has taught me to never look around when you put your trust in Him,” Whitney says.

She says that through her faith she wants to inspire other Christians and other upcoming artists. According to her, other artists should be willing to give back to God and to keep working for their goals and dreams.

She says they should seek first the Kingdom of God according to what is written in Matthew 6:33.

“I can personally testify that this has brought so many unexpected blessing and brought me to a place I never imagined myself to be. I have been in places I was not qualified to be, but God prepared me in the stillness and I reaped the fruit,” Whitney says. According to her, obedience to God is key and that He will reward those who are obedient to His call and voice. She says other Christians should diligentlu seek God. “When you have a goal, make sure to put God first. Even in your weakness He always has a way of coming through when you least expect it.”

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