Nomination for local film

12 July 2018 | Art and Entertainment

Local film, Salute! has received a nomination at the sixth annual Africa Magic Viewers' Choice Awards.

The film was nominated in the category for Best Movie Southern Africa. Salute! goes up against Decent by Awal Abdulfatai, The Road to Sunrise by Shemu Joyah, Jomako Black Democracy by Abraham Kabwe and Nyasaland by Joyce Mhango Chavula – all well-known African filmmaker that will prove to be challenging for Salute!

Salute! producer and director Philippe Talavera, said it is an honour to be nominated alongside award winners such as Joyce Mhango Chavula and Shemu Joyah. “A nomination for Best Film Southern Africa is a win for all. It indeed shows the commitment and hard work everybody put into the production, from script-writing to post production,” Talavera said.

The movie is a production of Ombetja Yehinga Organisation Trust (OYO) and has received rave reviews since its release. It was written with inmates of the Windhoek correctional facility, where it was also shot – the result of a year-long project.

Carlito, played by Adriano Visagie, is a young Namibian man sentenced to five years imprisonment after being found guilty of fraud. Nothing prepared him for his life in prison. As a naïve young man, he is lured into a group led by the General, played by Monray Garoeb, who is a dangerous criminal who rules the cells with fear.

“The gang culture in jail was born in South Africa. It reached Namibia as far back as in the 1980s. While some elements are common between Namibia and South Africa, this film is a Namibian story, written with Namibians for Namibians,” Talavera says.

In line with the award nomination, the film will be screened in the north in August with venues being announced in due course. A screening will take place in Windhoek at the Franco-Namibian Cultural Centre on 15 August at 18:00.

Since the film contains scenes with nudity, sex and strong language, parental guidance is advised and no children under the age of 16 will be allowed at the screenings. The film is mostly in Afrikaans slang, spoken by the gangsters in the correctional facilities and it has English subtitles.

The cast includes Odile Gertze, Dawie Engelbrecht, David Ndjavera, Desmond Kamericka, Sakanombo Kasoma, Jeremiah Jeremiah, Dennis !Kharuchab and Bruno Caldeira. Bernd Curschmann served as director of photography, Haiko Boldt as editor and Wojtek Majewski did the post-production. Ponti Dikuua and Walter Kahivere were responsible for the sound track, which includes songs by Jericho and Michael Pulse.

The awards show airs on DStv and GOtv on 1 September.

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