Welfare organisation robbed

07 June 2018 | Social Issues

A burglary at the Mammadu centre has left the staff and children devastated – not just due to the robbery, but also because police failed to show up after the incident.

“I had to drive to the police station myself to lay a charge, because the police didn't pitch up,” says the founder of the Mammadu Trust, Agnes Albrecht Röhm.

A laptop, CD player and all the donated tablets the children in the centre work on, were stolen.

“The thieves even took all our food and pots,” she says.

Worse still, is that the children were the first to discover the break-in. “Each and every door had been broken into,” Agnes says. Many children were clearly upset at what had happened.

Agnes is saddened and frustrated by the ordeal, telling Windhoek Express that the culprits stole from poor children. “These are children from their own community. Who would do something like that?” she asked.

“At first it felt as if we were left all on our own, with nobody caring. But we saw that there still are good people who care a great deal,” Agnes says.

Although the alarm system had been properly switched on, it was never activated and consequently the security company did not receive a signal of a break-in. “Apparently the remote control system did not function properly,” she said.

In the midst of the trauma, one of the children's mother offered some food, while other support has also been streaming in. “Even the insurance company has been a huge help and we have managed to replace most of the stolen goods,” she says.

Mammadu is a centre for the benefit of Namibian children who come from destitute families and are in need.

In other news, the trust will manage the Café at the Greenmarket on Saturday 16 June, with the view of making the public more aware of Mammadu. “The teenagers are taking part and it will certainly be a great experience for them. They are quite excited already and are busy practicing their skills as waiters,” Agnes said.

However, they are still in need of some cakes and quiches. Anyone who wishes to help or donate or bake something, is most welcome. “Every bit of assistance is very much appreciated, especially because it is the first time that we are doing this.”

For more information or to get involved, Agnes can be mailed at [email protected]

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