Educational books available – for free!

Tanja Bause
The Desert Research Foundation of Namibia (DRFN) has three containers full of educational materials to donate to schools and other stakeholders.
A large amount of educational material (hard copies) is available free of charge at the DRFN's office for interested institutions, libraries and individuals working in education and vocational training.
According to the executive director, Dr Martin Schneider, the DRFN is moving to a smaller site and there is not enough room to accommodate the books, pamphlets and maps.
“The material mainly deals with themes such as the environment, desert, water, animals, and conservation. Many of the books are child-friendly with illustrations and pictures. The books have been published by researchers and can be used for tasks and information. We do not have the space to store everything forever, so we would like to donate it, especially to schools that do not necessarily have computers or access to the internet.”
The books are written in easy to understand language and are not just for children. The book Environmental Awareness - A comprehensive reader for Namibia may also be of interest to tour guides.
The books are available in different languages. Maps of Namibia and other materials are also available.
The DRFN can be contacted on 061 377 500 or visit for more information on DRFN projects.