Travelling with children? Take note!

Saskia Damaschke
Saskia Damaschke
In the fight against child trafficking and fraud upon entry or exit to and from the country, the Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration has recommended new measures that should be taken into consideration, especially when travelling with children.
Birth certificate
For children under 18, travellers should bring an unabridged (complete) birth certificate in addition to their passports.
Take an oath
Adults travelling with children who are not their legal children are advised to submit a declaration containing the consent of both parents that the child is travelling with only one parent or with another adult, such as grandparents, aunt, uncle, etc. In addition, copies of the identity document or passport of the child's parents or guardians should be provided. The contact details of the child's parents or guardians should also be recorded.
Parental consent
If a child travels with only one parent, the other parent must agree that the child may travel. An explanation should also be provided. If applicable, present a death certificate of the other parent, which is entered as the parent of the child in the birth certificate.
Every unaccompanied minor must be able to present the consent of one or both parents or guardians, including the contact details of the parents or guardians, in the form of a letter or an affidavit for the child's travel. In addition, a letter from the person caring for the child for the period should include the home address and contact details.
A copy of the identity document or valid passport and a visa or residence permit of the person who is to take care of the child should also be submitted.