Respiratory diseases in chickens

3 months ago - 16 August 2021 | Agriculture

Windhoek • Hanks SaisaiRearing chickens is an exciting and rewarding small-scale farming venture that is on the rise in Namibia. Poultry production is common in...


Second genetics auction held

3 months ago - 13 August 2021 | Agriculture

Farmers who participated in the biannual Namibia Genetics Auction Group’s event hosted at the Agra Bank Windhoek Ring in Windhoek, achieved an average of N$39...


Omaheke remains cattle capital

3 months ago - 01 August 2021 | Agriculture

Omaheke governor Pijoo Nganate said the region continues to be the champion in beef production, with emphasis on breeds that capitalise on maximum output of...


Transforming agribusinesses into generational enterprises

4 months ago - 21 July 2021 | Agriculture

Windhoek • Hanks SaisaiBuilding a sustainable and reputable farming business is a journey that requires commitment, dedication, and hard work from a farmer and all...


The basics of livestock breeding

4 months ago - 16 July 2021 | Agriculture

Windhoek • Erastus NgarukaNamibia is predominantly a meat (cattle, sheep, goat) producing country, and many farmers are working hard to improve the genetics and performance...


Basic considerations on livestock handling...

4 months ago - 05 July 2021 | Agriculture

Windhoek • Erastus NgarukaHandling livestock is always a risky exercise that can culminate into significant livestock injuries and deaths on farms because of improper livestock...

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