Sad day for W&V

2 months ago - 16 February 2021 | Business

Wecke & Voigts in Independence Avenue will close its doors at the end of June 2021.According to a director, Adriane Voigts, this decision was made...


Beware of fraudulent ITAS mails

2 months ago - 15 February 2021 | Business

BDO Namibia has warned that information was received that the Receiver of Revenue's system may have been hacked. This comes after various private individuals and...


Support local stores to increase...

3 months ago - 11 February 2021 | Business

The economy has been tough on many local businesses and restaurants who are struggling to keep their doors open under ongoing restrictions. In light of...


Mentorship journey begins

3 months ago - 10 February 2021 | Business

Thirty-seven mentors and mentees of the Katuka Mentorship Programme completed three days of orientation training in Windhoek last week.Two of the mentees, Ksveria Hambabi and...


Big bucks for startups

3 months ago - 09 February 2021 | Business

StartUp Namibia hosted its first pitch event “Pitch-on-Point” at the Am Weinberg Boutique Hotel in Windhoek last Saturday.Pitch-on-Point (PoP) is a platform that lets start-ups...


Katuka Mentorship Programmes kicks off

3 months ago - 01 February 2021 | Business

On Wednesday (3 February 2021), 48 mentors and mentees officially kick off this year’s Katuka Mentorship Programme in Windhoek, with human resource specialist Sabine Ruegg...

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