Accelerator Lab launched

07 July 2019 | International

To increase the pace at which solutions for Sustainable Development are found, the United Nations ­Development Programme (UNDP) on Friday launched the Namibia ­Accelerator Lab in the capital.

According to the UNDP, the only way to increase the pace at which it can help realise solutions for Sustainable ­Development, is to use a radically different approach, namely a worldwide network of Accelerator Labs, present in 60 countries, including Namibia.

The objective is to find ­solutions that will ensure the best performance and to ­communicate them to government actors who have the power to turn them into policies.

The UNDP says Accelerator Labs around the world are used to create the largest and fastest learning network in order to identify the best solutions for the 21st century's global challenges.

The labs are expected to be created in half of the UNDP offices globally.

In Namibia, the Lab will focus on strengthening and fast-tracking climate change ­adaptation to build climate resilient economies and ­communities through locally and regionally-sourced innovative interventions and knowledge.

The Lab, which is supported by the German Cooperation and the Qatar Fund for Development, is located at the DoBox at the Franco-Namibian Cultural Centre.