Ambulance, equipment for medical NGO

16 July 2021 | Social Issues

A special ambulance and medical equipment was handed over to the local NGO E.M.A. Emergency Medical Assistance Organisation by the German Ambassador to Namibia, Herbert Beck, on Friday.
A total of N$1.8 million from the 2020 micro project fund of the German embassy was made available for the purchase of this special ambulance and medical equipment to mitigate the high impact of Covid-19 on Windhoek residents.
The main focus is to assist vulnerable community members by providing free access to emergency medical treatment and transport to hospital. This service is primarily for people who are without medical aid and unable to afford emergency medical services.
E.M.A provides a rapid-response emergency medical service comprising of immediate medical care by trained professionals and onward transfer to a recognized medical facility. It services all Windhoek locations, including the informal settlements.
With the specially equipped ICU negative pressure ambulance for Covid-19 cases, E.M.A will complement the already existing emergency service of the MoHSS and CoW by providing rapid-response medical service. Given the current Covid-19 situation, this special ambulance will increase the chances of survival for the patient during transport.
E.M.A is a non-profit-organisation founded in November 2019 aimed at making emergency care available for everyone. For community members that cannot afford a private ambulance, the service is free of charge. Since inception, E.M.A has been able to assist over 600 patients, of which 98% reside in informal settlements around Windhoek.