Another boost for Knockout Project

19 August 2020 | Events

Thanks to N$50 000 each from Namib Mills, NamibRe and Huawei, the MTC Knockout Project against homelessness has received another boost.
This is the second edition of the mobile operator’s Knockout Project and this year it is aimed at fighting homelessness.
As part of the project, 30 local personalities have been chosen to perform at a music concert scheduled for 3 October 2020 at the National Theatre. MTC is hoping to raise N$1.5 million through the event.
Speaking at the announcement of their sponsorship, NamibRe’s Elizabeth Nailenge said they joined the initiative to restore dignity to the homeless. “Shelter is a basic need that each and every person is entitled to, so we are happy to make a contribution to realise this dream.”
Namib Mills’ Adens Kamwi added that people must use their voices to elevate the discussion on homelessness. “The issue of homelessness is a scourge that has plagued our nation for far too long. I think it is great to see a corporate like MTC standing up and doing something about it.”
Namib Mills pledged their sponsorship towards veteran journalist and public relations expert Isack Hamata, while NamibRe’s pledge goes towards public relations officer and TV personality Robyn Nakaambo. Huawei’s chose to support businessman Johnny Doeseb.
Members of the public can watch the show live online for N$50 or at the theatre for N$500. – Nampa