Art students hone business skills

25 August 2019 | Education

Vague, a new performing arts group emerged as victors after taking part in a three-day Arts Entrepreneurship Workshop.

Hosted by Bank Windhoek and the College of the Arts (COTA), the workshop was an initiative aimed at assisting art students develop skills needed to build their careers as entrepreneurs.

Vague, a young quartet of first year students majoring in performing arts, was crowned the overall winner of the talent show which concluded the workshop. The talent show required participating students to present what they learned during the workshop.

Vague specialises in a variety of dance genres and comprises Angelina Akawa, Amy Afrikaner, Ndeweenda Immanuel and Freddy Ndaitwah. The group performed a contemporary dance piece which articulated a story of social issues the youth face on a daily basis.

“The story was about the choices we encounter as we are faced with social evils such as alcohol and drug abuse. It was like the battles in our minds and how we fight negative energy,” said Akawa.

Positive feedback

The group said the workshop was the main reason they decided to form Vague. It made them realise that it is possible to make a living from the arts. “This can be achieved once we are grounded, resilient and have a business mind-set,” said Afrikaner.

According to Bank Windhoek's Jacqueline Pack, the bank supports various initiatives of artistic expression and the invaluable contribution it makes to society. “As a bank firmly rooted in the community and understanding the needs of the different contributors to the arts industry, we believe that supporting the arts not only speaks to our values of being connectors of positive change but enables us to be a catalyst of opportunities to those who need it the most.”

COTA's rector, Angelika Schroeder, said: “We received positive feedback during the workshop. For most of our students, especially the first years, this was good exposure for them to start their careers in the arts industry.”