Be vigilant of ‘law enforcer’

21 July 2021 | Police

It has come to the attention of Nampol that there is a person introducing himself as “chief
inspector” is going around asking for money to continue investigating police cases.
According to a statement by NamPol, the individual is claiming to be chief inspector Martin Josef
Nekundi from the Special branch. “He calls complainants or victims of crime and informs them that
he is the investigator appointed to their case because previous investigators failed to apprehend the
culprits,” the statement read. He then requests complainants to pay him so that he can help himself
while busy with the investigation because government is bankrupt.
“In some cases he demands account numbers and PIN numbers from the complainant and
withdraws lots of money from their accounts.”
In light of this, NamPol is warning the public that this person is not a member of the force and not
mandated to perform police duties. “Police officers and investigators will not demand payment for
service delivery from public members and if something in this nature does happen, it should be
reported at the nearest police station.”