Beware of fraudulent ITAS mails

15 February 2021 | Business

BDO Namibia has warned that information was received that the Receiver of Revenue's system may have been hacked.
This comes after various private individuals and companies received emails from what looks like an email from the Receiver's system, but is possibly a hacker. One of the warning signs is that the email includes multiple recipients.
The email informs you to click on a link to confirm information. “Please do not click on any link or respond to the email until further notice,” says BDO’s marketing and communications manager, Nicole Dreyer.
She warns that the email says: “Attached is your 2020 notices of Assessment from the Namibia Taxation Office (ITAS).These are in accordance with our estimates calculated prior to signing of the Returns. Kindly accept the assessment attached and return a signed copy to ITAS. Click on the link to verify.”
“Please be very careful of what you open. If you are unsure of the origin of an email, rather ask IT to assist you,” Dreyer says.