Big investment in local manufacturing

08 September 2021 | Business

The Government Institutions Pension Fund (GIPF) invested N$10.167 million into WinSalt Manufacture (Pty) Ltd, towards the production of animal feed and nutrition blocks for livestock.
WinSalt Manufacture is a wholly Namibian owned company and was established in 2018 to manufacture animal mineral salt blocks as well as water softening blocks and tablets for both industrial and home use. The company is located in Walvis Bay.
In a media statement, GIPF chief executive David Nuyoma said the GIPF saw an opportunity in the agricultural industry and thus decided to invest in this venture.
WinSalt is the first of its kind in Africa and the world to have manufactured animal nutrition and medicine blocks with indigenous ingredients like moringa, devil’s claw, salt, seaweed, aloe and more.
Moreover, the nutrition and medicine blocks last four times longer than other molasses blocks in the industry. The blocks are cost effective for farmers, weather resistant, contain zero sediment and molasses (sugar) and improve animal nutrition and health.
“The WinSalt blocks are made from raw materials that are sourced locally. The blocks are highly recommended as they allow the animals to regulate their own salt and mineral intake per lick. These blocks have proven to be popular on cattle and livestock farms in Europe, the Americas,
Asia and Australia,” Nuyoma said.
With a staff complement of eight, WinSalt aims to increase this number to 25 employees. The company has so far exported internationally to Australia, South Korea, Spain, Portugal, Zambia and Angola and is currently negotiating with the South African market.