Bokomo shooting for goals

07 October 2021 | Sports

Bokomo Namibia announced that they are now the official sponsor of the Sport Klub Windhoek ’s (SKW) and the Swakopmund Football Club (SFC) Youth Football Academy.
The agreements, to the value of N$300 000 per year, were recently concluded in the capital and in Swakopmund, and the sponsorships will run for an initial period of two years.
Bokomo Namibia chief executive Hubertus Hamm, said: “I am very happy that we can finally expand our sponsorships of youth football and that we have found two partners who share the same values and commitment to the development of youth football. Bokomo Namibia through our Liquifruit brand, is already a sponsor of the Liquifruit Youth Football league in Windhoek and we are happy that we can deepen our involvement and expand our support to the coast as well.”
He added that providing nutrition to children and adults is at the core of their vision and that their sponsorship involvement will enable Bokomo Namibia to expand the youth development objective to the physical, psychological-social, technical and tactical skills
Gerald Günther, Technical Director and head coach of SFC, said: “This sponsorship means the world to the club and we are grateful, especially since the sponsorship also supports 20 players from an underprivileged background. The players have worked hard to be part of the 20, and with the generous support of Bokomo Namibia, we can continue adding value to their lives by providing them with quality coaching and assistance through social and life skills.”
The sponsorship will also enable the club to invest in new playing kits, equipment and to support the coaching staff to “create a feeling of unity and belonging”.
SKW chairman Vincent Molzahn said that the SKW Youth Football Academy is grateful to Bokomo Namibia. “This sponsorship will enable the club to continue offering our young players the facilities, coaching and sporting opportunities they deserve.”