Brush and broom factory planned for Windhoek

18 January 2021 | Infrastructure

Windhoek • [email protected]
With Namibia’s industrial production capacity being constrained and not being as competitive as
other countries, one company decided to change the status quo.
Nambrush, a flagship of Kokuno Holdings, is planning to set up the multi-million dollar Nambrush
and Brooms Manufacturing Factory. “Here we will manufacture brushes, brooms and mops for use
in the construction industry,” says Asser Uutoni, Nambrush Founder and Executive Chairman of
Kokunu Holdings.
Namibia in particular places industrialization at the centre of its development, hence the need to
expand our industrial base is more important than ever. According to Uutoni, with a budget of about
N$37 million, the factory will be set up in the capital within a few months. “Our products will be
used in the mining, tourism, household and construction industries around SADC,” he said.
Elaborating, Uutoni said that the hefty price tag includes the factory being set up. “This is a state of
art factory that will be located in Windhoek with new, modern equipment and Al automated
machineries to manufacture products for Namibia, SADC and Africa at large,” he said.
He added that the world is changing and the technology is moving fast. “We are moving away from
human labour capital to AI robotics. Our production scale is at 1 million or more units per annum
and we’re not only targeting 130 million SADC communities, but rather 1.3 billion people across the
African continent.”
Looking ahead
He added that the #AfCFTA Free Trade deal has the potential to create the largest free trade area in
the world, uniting 55 countries with a combined gross domestic product of more than U$3.5 trillion.
“It is a major force for continental integration and expansion of intra Africa trade, currently
estimated at around 16%,” Uutoni said.
The trade agreement is expected to expand intra-Africa trade by up to U$35 billion per year, ease
movement of goods, services and people across the continent’s borders and cut imports by U$10
billion, while boosting agriculture and industrial exports by 7% and 5% respectively.
“We will produce about 1 million units per annum, create around 100 direct jobs as well as 50
indirect employment opportunities in phase one,” he added. Phase two will include the
manufacturing of dishwashing liquid and foam bath products. The second phase is estimated to
create 50 additional jobs.
Nambrush will have a stake of 51% share and the remaining shares will be funded by private
investors. “The setting up will begin as soon as we have finalised the funding deal.”