Building assistance for Okuryangava orphanage

30 April 2021 | Social Issues

Building material valued at N$50 000 was handed over to the Okuryangava Children’s Home by RND Holdings on Thursday (29 April).
The home houses around twenty orphans and vulnerable children, including babies.
RND Holdings has been assisting vulnerable children and leaving their mark throughout communities since 2015, and has now added the Okuryangava Children’s Home as a beneficiary.
“When Dr Nambuwa reached out to us, it was an effortless decision to make and we knew it was the right thing to do,” David Regto from the RND said, speaking of the home’s matron, Dr Twahafifiwa Nambuwa.
The handover was graced by Deputy Minister of Information and Technology, Emma Theofilus, who commended RND Holdings for not turning their back on the homeless and assisting the community in this great time of need. “Children’s issues are close to my heart, therefore I encourage companies like RND Holdings who want to contribute to do so.”
At the event, Nambuwa extended her gratitude to Regto and his team for the support they have shown over the years.
Two children from the home, Ngushiwa Shatimola and Petrina Immanuel, thanked RND Holdings, saying: “You have not only helped put a roof over our heads but you have placed hope into our hearts as well. Thank you for being the foundation of our love and hope.”
Nambuwa said that the new kitchen and ablution facilities would help better the children’s living conditions as they tried to do it on their own but could not due to lack of financial support.
RND Holdings encourages other companies and individuals to lend a helping hand to those less fortunate and vulnerable, to assist communities in any way possible as each little gesture makes a difference.