Charcoal facility planned for Witvlei

11 December 2020 | Infrastructure

Windhoek • [email protected]
Namchar Namibia is planning a charcoal and briquette storage, processing and packaging facility at
According to a non-technical summary (NTS) document, the project is located approximately 1km
north of the Witvlei settlement. “Charcoal production in Namibia presents strategies to combat bush
encroachment, supplement farming income and contribute to employment creation,” the document
Namchar Namibia, through its current facility, will continue storing, processing and packaging
charcoal for exporting internationally and local market distribution. The company will also continue
to increase its current revenue and sustain its direct employment.
According to the document, the potential social impacts are to be of low significance, and those that
may transpire should be confined within the project site. “There is potential economic benefit due to
increased foreign currency flow, and approximately 60 new jobs will be created as a result of the
project,” they said.
Some of the expected environmental impacts on site, include noise due to the handling and
processing of charcoal during operations, and dust due to the handling and processing of charcoal
during operations.
Should the planned project be approved, new infrastructure will include a weighbridge that will be
built in the future.