Cheaper to ‘tjaila’

22 October 2020 | Transport

Taxi fares will decrease to the normal rate effective from midnight tonight, thanks to the easing of Covid-19 travel restrictions.
Speaking at the Presidential Covid-19 public briefing on Wednesday, Dausab said the regulations on the number of passengers taxis can accommodate have been relaxed and because they are now allowed to load passengers to full capacity, the fare will decrease from N$14 to N$12.
“The taxi fare increment was only to cater for measures that were put in place. Now, with the relaxing of the measures, everything regarding public transport has normalised. This means that public transport operators will now be carrying a full capacity of passengers and will be able to generate income,” Dausab said.
She added that the resumption of alcohol selling businesses such as bars and nightclubs are governed under the current regulations that allow the sale of alcohol only up to 22:00.
Speaking at the same occasion, Attorney General, Festus Mbandeka cautioned that even though the measures have been lifted, people must adhere to the wearing of face masks and washing of hands to curb the spread of the virus, especially at public gatherings for which the maximum number of people allowed has now been increased to 200.
“The virus is not completely gone and we must also bear in mind that if we do not behave and adhere to the rules and regulations, there could be a second wave which could take us back to stage one lockdown,” Mbandeka said. – Nampa