City cleaners want permanent employment

09 July 2020 | Government

Municipal workers employed on fixed-term contracts in the solid waste management division of the City of Windhoek, on Wednesday demonstrated in front of the municipality, handing over a petition demanding permanent employment.
Group spokesperson Immanuel Benda, who read the petition, said they are dismayed by the manner in which the City is handling their employment, which pays them “starving wages.” He said the CoW continues to offer them contracts that disregard their constitutional freedoms and rights.
“We are aware, and so is council, that cleaning Windhoek is a permanent job and shall always be the responsibility of the City of Windhoek. Therefore, our demands for indefinite employment are legitimate,” Benda said.
He added that they are disappointed by the delay in the tabling of their demands for permanent employment and review of their remuneration, which they claim the management committee has delayed since 2016. “We are convinced that management and councillors are doing this deliberately to create opportunities to benefit from outsourced services as a way of augmenting their already huge salaries and benefits.”
Windhoek Mayor Fransina Kahungu, who received the petition on behalf of council, said she will submit the petition to the office of the chief executive who will then refer it to the management committee for further discussion. Following this, they can expect a response. – Nampa