City pays its dues

02 March 2021 | Local News

Mayor Job Amupanda said on Tuesday night that the City of Windhoek’s cash flow is still under severe constraints.
“As part of our Credit Control Policy we will continue to employ all efforts including disconnection of services, to ensure that we are able to continue supplying municipal services uninterrupted,” he added at a media briefing.
Outstanding debts have increased by N$150 million since the state of emergency was first declared.
“As per the instruction by our line ministry, we could not disconnect services for our residents. In the meantime, the City has been providing free water to residents of the informal settlements, amounting to N$6 million a month from the beginning of the state of emergency, of which the City has only been refunded N$12 million through our line ministry,” Amupanda said.
The City paid N$268 million owed to NamPower on Monday.
“We are committed to repaying our arrears and we honoured the payment arrangements. All our arrears with NamPower have been settled and as at 2 March, our balance is zero.”
Amupanda said the City is also committed to paying their current account, which is on average N$130 million a month.
The City has until 15 March to settle their NamWater account, which is on average N$50 million a month.
“As we endeavour to make Windhoek a better place to live in for all residents, I encourage our residents, private and public sectors, to continue honouring their payments timely for the services consumed.”