Civil servants answer to citizens

02 July 2020 | Government

Minister of home affairs, immigration, safety and security Frans Kapofi implored civil servants in his ministry to deliver service with integrity and efficiency.
Speaking at the ministry's management meeting in Windhoek today, Kapofi said civil servants are accountable to the public and should recognise their privilege in being part of a government that is answerable to its citizens.
“The ministry is at the centre of the activities of the country; therefore, we cannot have police officers, correctional officers and immigration officers that are being bribed and colluding with illegal activities that are against their work ethic,” he said.
“Namibian residents deserve the best, therefore we need to combine our efforts in delivering quality services to ensure the safety and security of our people. All our efforts must be geared to the attainment of our set goals to achieve the Vision 2030,” he said. – Nampa