Dog training course at Groot Aub

26 June 2020 | Local News

Ever wanted more information or guidance on training your animals? If yes, then you have to clear your schedule for Saturday.

The Namibian Animal Welfare Association (NAWA) is hosting a training session as well as showing pet owners how to make their animals their very own collar.
"Pet training is very important, so that owners know exactly how to treat their pets and to learn that abuse is not necessary," said Heather Craemer of NAWA. The training will be hosted by Kirsten Drews of the Windhoek Dog Club.
Anneke Muller will lead the collar making demonstration. "A wire and a rope is not a collar and we should assist pet owners to make sure they have healthy and happy dogs and cats," Heather said.
So if you want to join in the fun, registration starts at 09:00 at the Groot Aub regional office. For more information, visit the NAWA Facebook page.