EES going big against GBV

17 February 2021 | Art and Entertainment

While Covid has changed the world, gender-based violence (GBV) in especially developing countries has been exacerbated since women are now more enclosed by the protective measures.
Hoping to garner attention, musician EES is using his musical influence to address the issue by releasing his latest single, “Chooser”.
The song combines a profound message with a motivating pop sound that inspires listeners to choose the right way of treating woman. By adding African elements, this serious song fits well onto radio playlists across the globe. Moreover, the powerful music video showcases images from the #shutitalldown demonstrations that took place in Namibia towards the end of 2020.
Why this song, now? “It’s time for musicians to become ambassadors for moving topics again,” the musician says.
EES was approached by the Deutsche Welle’s African division / The 77 Percent, which fully supported and funded the project, strengthening the connection with the Namibian artist for future nation-building projects. All the income generated by the streaming and download sales of this song will be donated to Monica Gender-Based Violence Organisation in Namibia.
Watch Chooser here