Empowering future leaders

07 July 2019 | Banking

An intensive leadership programme for Learner Representative Committee (LRC) members from high schools in Windhoek has just come to an end.

Hosted by the Capricorn Group in partnership with Capacity Trust, the programme, Developing Tomorrow's Leaders Today, began in February.

Last year, the initiative reached 120 LRC members from six high schools. This year the programme was hosted for LRC members of Ella du Plessis High School, Hochland High School, Welwitschia University and Concordia Secondary School, Dawid Bezuidenhout and Windhoek Technical High School.

Hosting a programme of this nature at different schools can take up to 5 hours per school. Using the Jung Type Indicator, the personality type of the participants is assessed, and structured feedback is provided around their individual types and how this impacts on their ability to lead, communicate and solve problems individually and as a team.

Activities are then carried out to build on strengths and improve weaknesses were needs be. The results are phenomenal, producing improved self-awareness, self-management and interpersonal-management.

“The leaners at Concordia possessed so much energy and were very keen to interact. Their intriguing questions were always steering the conversation into interesting areas of discussion,” said Siegfried Lange, Managing Consultant at Capacity Trust

Although numerous learners from private schools have access to psychometric tests and workshops of this nature, government schools are not afforded such opportunities due to the high costs – hence the group's partnership with Capacity Trust to build into the lives of these Namibian learners and positively impact their futures.

Plans are underway to expand the project to schools in remote areas of the country.