Empowering women of all sizes

Miss Plus Size Namibia around the corner

12 May 2019 | Events

“It is imperative to educate, emancipate and uplift women.” Margo Rusky, Founder

Windhoek • Yolanda Nel

The top 12 have been announced and the organisers are preparing for the finale in the 2019 Miss Plus Size Namibia (MPSN) pageant.

This beauty pageant was founded in 2018 and according to Margo Rusky, events like this iare important. “We are paying more attention to sizes common in Africa rather than copying the European way because plus size women are more common in Africa,” she said.

Another reason for the pageant is to do away with body-shaming and the associated psychological effects in our society through the celebration of body diversity and promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

The theme for this year’s event is women empowerment. “It is imperative to educate, emancipate and uplift women in order to develop the economy,” she says.

The team intends to achieve this by equipping the 12 contestants with the tools necessary to inspire self-love, build confidence and stimulate mental activity while cultivating the interpersonal skills required to bring about personal, social and economic growth.

Style and grace

“This year’s winner will be elegant, well-versed and graceful, someone capable of breeding self-confidence in others, with the ability to inspire people to work together as a team to stretch for common objectives,” Margo says.

MPSN also gives back to the community. “The winner will be involved in visiting schools, hospitals, the homeless and disabled. It will be her duty to motivate them about life and education.”

Two schools were chosen to form part of the pageant, where they will prepare winter packages and sanitary pads for the girls. The beneficiaries are Dr Frans Aupa Indongo Primary School and Mururani Combined School.

The crowning ceremony takes place at the Kovambo Hall at the Khomas Regional Council on 22 June. Guests will be entertained while contestants showcase their talents and give insight into who they are, their values and what their interests are.

Tickets are available at Pick n Pay stores at N$300 or N$500 for VIP tickets. For more information, contact Margo at [email protected]