Energy-efficient lightbulbs for Health

11 February 2021 | Social Issues

NamPower handed over 13 100 energy-efficient lightbulbs valued at almost N$300 000 to the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MoHSS) earlier this week.
The donation comes after Chief Medical Superintendent at the Windhoek Central Hospital, David Uirab, asked for assistance for the hospital’s infrastructure maintenance.
“At the beginning of 2019, the executive director [Ben Nangombe] required us as chief hospital superintendents or directors of regions to identify three critical areas that the head of that facility would focus on for that year. One of the pledges I took was to engage stakeholders, especially those in the private sector, to assist the hospital with infrastructure maintenance. As a result of that pledge, we formed a committee with the mandate to approach corporate Namibia and present to them the needs of the hospital,” Uirab explained.
Through this committee, negotiations started with NamPower, and the company pledged to donate energy-efficient bulbs to the hospital sufficient for the whole year.
Uirab said that although these bulbs do not include the operating theatres’ lights, they would go a long way in terms of providing general lighting in the hospital which he says is a constant battle as bulbs continuously fuse.
At the handing over, NamPower Managing Director Simon Haulofu said that health and social welfare is one of the five focus areas of the NamPower Foundation, adding that it is similarly NamPower’s responsibility and moral imperative to meet government and other role players halfway in providing basic services. – Nampa