Erf issue: RTC sets record straight

11 June 2020 | Local News

Rehoboth • [email protected]
Residents were fuming when the deputy mayor of Rehoboth said that everything regarding the handing over of erven on Wednesday was above board, while they are only awaiting ministerial approval.
“The statement that we are awaiting ministerial approval was a slip of the tongue. The only approvals remaining are part of the cadastral processes such as erf numbers,” Rehoboth Town Council public relations officer Desire Theunissen said, adding that Council followed due processes and the allegations being spread don’t carry any truth.
She said that many setbacks were experienced during the land delivery project but the list and criteria were carried out with a committee selected by the community during a meeting held in August 2018. According to Theunissen, after completion, advertisements were placed during May 2019.
“This program is not new. The Rukoro Report is a cabinet decision that was taken years ago but due to delays in the process, Town Council in conjunction with Ministry of Urban and Rural Development revised the project in 2018 and could only start today (yesterday) after the completion of land development processes.”
In reaction to some aggrieved residents saying they have been waiting for erven for 30 years, Theunissen said that all the beneficiaries awarded erven those from the Rukoro Report.
“A total of 172 people from the Rukoro Report were identified and were allocated erven, but not all 172 received erven. The process commenced on Wednesday and will continue until it is finalized," she said.
Theunissen explained that there were beneficiaries who relocated from Block D to Block E during the apartheid regime years ago, and the beneficiaries came from documents that were submitted years ago.
Some households were relocated to avoid land grabbing in areas earmarked for development. “But these 12 households who are part of the beneficiaries were relocated due to the them being placed in a dangerous area where council is currently busy with sewer reticulation project,” she continued.
“Claims of beneficiaries not from Rehoboth is devoid of any truth and are merely rumours being circulated by those who intend to sabotage the process for political aspirations aimed at misleading people by sharing wrong information and instigating community against the council and leadership,” she said.
Mayor Christina Blaauw said they experienced many challenges, including vandalism and people removing earth tags that had to be redone.
This is the first phase of the land delivery project, consisting of 350 erven in Block H Extension 1 and 2.