Eye clinic gets N$1.5 million

04 October 2021 | Health

Windhoek [email protected]
The Namdia Foundation handed over an Optical Coherence Tomography machine as part of a N$1.5 million donation to the Windhoek Eye Clinic on Friday.
The rest of the donation was spent on the servicing and repair of Microscope Machines and the
purchase of equipment vital for cataract operations. According to the executive director of the ministry of health and services, Ben Nangombe, this donation will put the clinic in a position to see more clients on a monthly basis and a more thorough exam will be done. “It also means we can send the equipment currently at the eye clinic in Windhoek to more remote locations. This will in turn lessen the amount of travel time for patients in other areas of the country to come to Windhoek to have their eyes checked,” he said.
The OCT Machine is the first of its kind in the Public Health Sector and is an emerging technology for performing high-resolution cross-sectional imaging and uses light instead of sound. OCT can provide cross-sectional images of tissue structure in the eye, which aids in the early detection of ocular illnesses such as Glaucoma and Cataract. A microscope machine is one of the most important optical instrument in the modern era of ophthalmic surgeries. It provides the surgeon with a magnified and illuminated high-quality image of the small ophthalmic structures.
According to the chief executive of Namdia, Kennedy Hamutenya the foundation hopes to continue on embarking on new projects with the aim of producing lifelong benefits that will contribute to the overall social economic growth of the nation. “Our approach is to remain steadfast in our convictions in addressing the many problems facing our less privileged communities. We remain focused on the objectives of the organisation and prudently select initiatives that have positive long lasting trickle-down effects within the communities.”