Flood damage at popular NWR spa

12 January 2021 | Disasters

Namibia Wildlife Resorts’ (NWR) /Ai-/Ais Hot Springs and Spa experienced heavy rains and flash floods on 5 January, resulting in the rivers along the resort overflowing, causing extensive damage to the resort and campsites.
/Ai-/Ais Hot Springs and Spa acting resort manager Robert Hailume said that the rain was heavy and caused extensive damage to the resort and campsites. “Though the resort experienced severe damage, I am grateful that all our clients that were camping that evening were successfully evacuated and are safe.”
In light of the damage to the resort and campsites, NWR had no other option but to temporarily close the resort to visitors for the next three months starting on 11 January 2021 until the end of March 2021. “We will commence with the repair work soon. This will ensure that the resort can begin to operate as soon as possible,” said NWR managing director Dr Matthias Ngwangwama.