For enhanced courier services

Additional products launched

12 November 2018 | Business

“Technology is being put to best use and I am convinced this will enhance customer experience of NamPost services.” Stanley Simataa, minister

In a bid to improve operational efficiencies, Namibia Post Limited inaugurated a new logistics centre for NamPost courier services in Windhoek earlier this week.

For the past 22 years, NamPost Courier operated in a relatively small warehouse, which made the sorting of consignments for transportation to different parts of the country very challenging.

Along with the opening of the new logistics centre, NamPost Courier also introduces additional products and services which will complement existing services, including mobile hand-held technology and economy services.

In addition to the Easy Pack, there are seven additional courier products that will be introduced which complement the counter-to-counter and counter-to-door services. Value-added services to be carried out on Saturdays, after hours and for same day delivery will be introduced in due course.


According to information and communication technology (ICT) minister Stanley Simataa, who spoke at the opening, the establishment of the office reinforces government’s dedication to the socio-economic advancement of the people. “It enhances the ministry’s mandate to lay the foundation for the accelerated use and development of ICT in Namibia, and coordinate information management within government.”

Simataa said that with this development, NamPost will be the first logistics company in Namibia and one of the first in the region to make use of mobile hand-held technology on all of its routes, servicing all 140 of its post offices. “Technology is being put to best use and I am convinced this will enhance customer experience of NamPost services.”

In the meantime the team will continue to expand its international delivery and collection service to its vast global network.

NamPost Courier covers 220 international destinations in collaboration with strategic partners, allowing them to offer competitive rates without compromising on service delivery.