Hot hockey on the cards

27 October 2020 | Sports

The Namibia National Inline Hockey (NIIHA) team trials where held last weekend and while the temperature outside was hot, the action inside was on fire!
This past weekend’s trials were hosted in an effort to get back to normal and to begin planning for 2021. The Inline Hockey World Championships take place in Colombia 2021 from the end of August through to early September.
Just over 70 players attended the trials, with teams selected for the Senior Men, Junior Men & Junior Ladies divisions. Namibia will look to return the Junior Men in defence of their first ever top 8 ranking in the world.
According to Sean Liechti (Junior & Senior team selection), it was a good weekend and “we are really excited about the new guys on the team. We are looking forward to getting back to work and showing the world what we can do!”
He said that the Senior Men are looking to make improvements to their last world ranking and to keep gaining momentum.
However, the talk of the weekend was Namibia sending its first Junior Ladies Team in almost 8 years to the championships. Many of the Junior Ladies selected competed at State Wars in the USA in 2019 as part of the Namibian Development program. There they played against many of the Team USA girls, with the Namibian girls then 13 and 14 years old, held their own against mostly 17 and 18 year olds and managed to take the silver medal in the girls division.
For all the Junior Ladies this will be the first time they attend a World Championship and everyone was nervous and excited.
Corinna Weimann (Junior Ladies Team) said that everyone's nerves were a wreck. “We all want to make this team so badly, I am really proud of how hard our group played this weekend and I look forward to going to Colombia 2021 and representing Namibia.”
This coming weekend (30 October and 1 November) NIIHA will host their Development Trials for ages 6 through to 13.

Going to Colombia
• Senior men: Amandus Röttcher, Anku Lucks, Christiaan Coetzee, Henrik Diekmann, Kiron Hoppe-Speer, Max Finkeldey, Micah Skolnic, Pablo Laporte, Sean Liechti, Tiago Kutz, Nicola Reviglio and Arian van der Plas. Reserves: Dante de Azevedo, Ivan Reviglio, Valerik Hilbert, Wim van der Plas and Jens Rust
• Junior men: Christiaan Coetzee, Henning Schulze, Henrik Diekmann, Josua Zeferinu, Kean Redelinghuys, Keanan Simpson, Luca Mentzel, Mickah Januarie, Mati Laporte, Pablo Laporte, Sean Liechti, Valerik Hilbert, Arian van der Plas and Jurgen Tegethoff. Reserves: Josef Zeferinu, Julian Dedig, JW Coetzee, Enrico de Azevedo, and Lennert Schulze.
• Practice squad: Anco de Koning, Dominik Braun, Fabian Metz, Gregor Müller, JD Gerber, Kai Dedig, Mark von Doorn, Micca de Azevedo, Nicolas Kock, Rainer Bingham, Vahid Diehl, Kai Austermule and Thomas Kock,
• Junior lades: Alrené Odendaal, Christine Röttcher, Corinna Weimann, Elizabeth Theodore, Fana Metz, Gia Hoppe-Speer, Ieesha Hilukiluah, Jana Lautenbach, Lara Backhaus, Laura Weimann, Lomarie Fourie, Maike Dedig, Michelle Wirtz and Bridgit Justinussen. Reserves: Lea Redelinghuys and Jada Tati.