Inclusivity for all

23 September 2020 | Social Issues

National Disability Day, which is usually commemorated between June and July but was delayed due to Covid-19 this year, was observed in the capital on Tuesday.
This year’s event was held under the theme “Ensuring inclusivity in the fight against Covid-19”.
During her keynote address at the event, deputy minister of disability affairs, Alexia Manombe-Ncube, urged the National Disability Council to think outside the box to become innovative to ensure that it continues to deliver services to the Namibian nation.
She added that inclusivity is a cornerstone in the human and developmental rights agenda for persons with disabilities, which advocates for inclusion in all aspects of life, including education, culture, health, politics, sport and the labour market.
“To be included means you can participate and enjoy everything that your fellow men and women without disability do. Today I want to thank people and organisations from all walks of life, who made special efforts during this time to ensure the Covid-19 message has reached persons with disabilities in particular.”
She said that the pandemic has affected everyone, including persons with disabilities, who are regarded as being among the most vulnerable in contracting the virus. “I urge every Namibian, especially persons with disabilities, to follow the guidelines on combating the spread of the disease, and try to avoid situations leading to being infected with the virus.
“Please take care of yourselves. Wash your hands as much as possible with running water, sanitize as much as possible, avoid gatherings as much as possible, stay home and avoid unnecessary travels for your own sake and that of the entire nation,” Manombe-Ncube concluded. – Nampa