­Inspiring ­women ­entrepreneurs

10 February 2019 | Events

Windhoek • Yolanda Nel

Several requests over the last couple of months led to the re-launching of Future Females in Namibia, and on Thursday, these requests became a reality.

“There is a clear need for female-focused development and entrepreneurial skill development in Namibia,” says Cerina Bezuidenhout, co-founder of Future Females. “There is so much focus on entrepreneurial development, building business skills, pitch competitions, motivating the younger generation to start and test ideas. We are very happy to be part of this development and hope to add much value to Namibia and the entrepreneurial ecosystem,” she said.

At the re-launch, two speakers shared their experiences of starting and running their businesses, their challenges and tips. “We always aim that our attendees walk away inspired and motivated and with practical tips to take action,” she said.

The team wants to build a community where women meet other women, where they can share ideas and who knows, maybe even collaborations to do more amazing things.

But it doesn't end here. Ladies can look forward to monthly events and if the interest is promising, they would like to extend to the coast and other areas in the country. Some of the themes they often discuss include work-life balance, communication, branding, finances and career growth.

For Cerina, a platform like this is essential. “Future Females exists to make a change, to add value and to create creators. Since the country is in such an exciting phase in terms of developing an entrepreneurial ecosystem, there are so many ideas and therefore many opportunities,” she said.

When looking at economic figures, it is evident that entrepreneurship is vital in Namibia, for job and wealth creation.

“We want to instil confidence in women by teaching them business skills, softer skills like financial planning and communication, and we want them to be part of the global community, learning from and sharing with each other from all over the globe, while also enjoying a physical community which makes any country strong.”