International recognition for Namibia's EIF

21 October 2020 | International

The Environmental Investment Fund of Namibia (EIF) received a certificate of merit at the Karlsruhe Sustainable Finance Awards – an honour bestowed on financial institutions and related organisations that contribute significantly to the field of sustainable banking and finance.
Along with this certificate, the EIF was among the most decorated countries at this year’s awards, held in Karlsruhe, Germany on 30 September 2020.
The EIF was also recognised for its outstanding success in long-term financing of exemplary financing in Climate-Change Resilient Livelihoods because of its projects that benefit local communities, protect the environment and ensure sustainable development.
The establishment of products such as financial grants, concessional loans, a green soft loans scheme, sponsorships and bursaries are in line with the Fund’s aims and objectives to mobilise funding for the maintenance of an endowment fund that will generate income in perpetuity and allocate this income to activities and projects which promote the sustainable use of the environment and its natural resources.
Receiving the award on behalf of the EIF was the Namibian Ambassador to Germany, HE Andreas Guibeb.
In his acceptance speech, Guibeb said that the EIF and Namibian people by large extension are committed to sustainable development and ensuring that the resources of the Namibian people are used for the benefit of all Namibians and in a sustainable manner.
The EIF is humbled by this award as it shows that it is committed to mobilising funds for sustainable goals, including climate protection, smart agriculture and being a responsive in the challenges that are posed by climate change overall.