Katutura’s homeless learn from Baxu

29 May 2020 | Environment

The Legal Assistance Centre (LAC) yesterday (28 May) brought the short film Baxu and the Giants to children and youth currently accommodated at the Katutura Youth Centre.
According to the LAC’s Hans-Christian Mahnke, the reason behind the Baxu screenings were to share with them education, arts and entertainment in the form of a film on protecting the country’s environment and wildlife.
“People without permanent housing deserve our attention as much as anyone else in the country. Hence we thought it important to show the film. Many inhabitants of the camp come from the Opuwo area, which is a hotspot in terms of rhino poaching and trafficking of pangolin,” he said.
The screening enabled the LAC, under the given restrictions, to further educate Namibians on wildlife protection and relevant laws.
Baxu and the Giants is a Namibian short film directed by Florian Schott about rhino poaching that triggers social change in a village in rural Namibia as seen through the eyes of a 9 year old girl.
The LAC conducted the screening as part of the Block Movement. The screenings was made possible with permission from health officials and were conducted under strict observation of governmental regulations, including social distancing, wearing masks, and not more than 10 people gathering at a time.
The screening included the distribution of educational material, such as the Anti-Wildlife Crime comic produced by the LAC, the delivery of face masks sponsored by the non-governmental organisation CHANGE, and some of the youth writing postcards to H.E. Hage Geingob, asking him to do more in terms of environmental and wildlife protection. MaBoKoMo donated 10 Baxu and the Giants t-shirts to some of the children.