Keep booze at bay

21 July 2021 | Local News

Windhoek Mayor Job Amupanda has urged against the idea of setting up shebeens next to a house on the same erf, saying shebeens have unpleasant consequences.
Amupanda, while highlighting decongestion plans in informal settlements in Windhoek especially areas that lack sanitation, said the municipal leadership understands that many people make a living from selling alcohol, and it has no issue with people running shebeen businesses. However, there should be a separation between the two, because some houses have school-going children and there is no way they can concentrate in an area where people drink.
“We are not saying there should be no shebeens. What we are saying is that there should be a difference between where people live and where people drink and have fun. We know people are paying school fees with money they generate from selling alcohol, but that same man buying a beer did not pay school fees for his kids,” Amupanda said.
He added that the City is losing the battle of controlling shebeens because some people apply for land indicating that they are going to build houses, but then later turn the house into a shebeen, and it is hard for the City to reverse the decision of granting land to the individual.
“It defeats the purpose of building a house, because the next day the person is applying to convert the house into a shebeen. Houses must be houses and shebeens must be shebeens. The whole of Eveline Street used to be houses, but now 99 per cent is shebeens and the City has been forced to rezone the area by moving it from general to business,” stated Amupanda.
He added that the City has temporarily suspended applications for liquor licences until it can find a better method that is suitable to control the growing numbers of shebeens. – Nampa

The mayor of Windhoek says that houses must be houses and shebeens must be shebeens. Photo Jemima Beukes / Namibian Sun