Keeping cyclists’ wheels rolling

22 October 2020 | Sports

The RMB Elite Cycling team received cycling gear as part of an overall sponsorship of N$230 000.
RMB Namibia has been part of the after-school project Physically Active Youth, which promotes sport and specifically cycling and promising cyclists have been supported over the years and groomed into the RMB Elite Cycling team participating in all the great events around the country.
RMB CEO Philip Chapman said that the company was impressed by the enthusiasm, drive, and commitment of the young cyclists. “This type of dedication deserves our support, and we are glad to back these young Namibians who show such promise in their cycling careers. RMB is committed to contribute towards the development of sport in our country.”
Chapman also thanked Cymot Namibia as one of the value-add partners, providing professional cycling gear at very generous prices.
“This sponsorship means that I can give back to cycling by helping some of our developmental riders reach their full potential,” said coach Hella Rust. “Cycling is an expensive sport and without the help of generous contributions and sponsorships this will not be possible.
“The Tour de Windhoek and The Desert Dash are the two main competitions still on for this year. I am hoping that our riders can show their readiness and that their dedication throughout the year will show in their results.
“I would like to thank RMB for this sponsorship. It is not easy for riders with little to no financial backing to make their mark in the sport of cycling, but with the help of this sponsorship the riders can put their dreams into reality.”
RMB Elite cyclist Tuhafeni Hamundjebo added that 2020 had been a rough year with Covid-19 shaking everything up. “But for the remaining part of the season, I am looking forward to the Desert Dash. My partner, Maruen and my goal is to do a sub 17 hours for the Dash in the two men category. A top 10 finish will be a bonus for us.”
Melki Hamukoto, another member of the RMB Elite cycling team, was afforded an opportunity in 2020 to go to South Africa where he spent some time on intense training and racing before the Covid-19 lockdown. “I would like to thank the RMB management and our coach for seeing and making sure the sponsorship is a ‘go’. We appreciate your support and belief in us.”
RMB Elite cyclist Vianney Links added: “Cycling in general is an expensive sport and a helping hand from RMB means a lot. I almost lost hope in what I really want to achieve in my cycling career but RMB made it all possible and for that I will forever be grateful.”
The sponsorship of N$230 000 is used to assist the cycling team with accommodation, nutrition, travel, gear and all other logistics for a variety of cycling events such as the Namibia National Road Championship, Omaruru Road Race, Food Lovers time trial event, various Pedal Power events, the Fish River Road Race, Tour de Windhoek, Nedbank Cycle Tour, Namibian Pick n Pay Cycle Classic and the Desert Dash.