Land, housing workshop in a nutshell

14 September 2021 | Infrastructure

The City of Windhoek (CoW) held a land and housing workshop recently, and in a nutshell announced various outcomes.
On the issue of the waiting list for land, the workshop resolved that all application lists on the different databases of the CoW be reviewed and consolidated into a single land application waiting list. This will be published and shared with the public electronically.
With regards to the Mass Urban Land Servicing Project, the workshop recommended for improved measures to finalise the construction of Engineering Services by the contractor for the immediate release of erven for the implementation of the Windhoek Housing Programme at Goreangab Ext. 4
In terms of establishment of new townships, the workshop agreed to implement large-scale land planning with the target of creating 7000 erven in informal settlements and 3000 informal areas in addition to the 5000 erven to be created through a pre-allocation intervention as put forward in Council Resolution 31/02/2021.
On the municipal policy on public open spaces, workshop participants agreed that the proceeds from the sale of land resulting from the sub-division of public open spaces be set aside for the development of public open spaces, by converting them into attractive spaces with family parks, walking trails etc. They noted that when dealing with sub-division applications, care should be taken to ensure that where possible, an erf be created instead of a 10-meter strip
When it comes to land grabbing, the meeting agreed to implement a zero-tolerance approach on in line with Council Resolution 30/02/2021 on Prevention of Land Invasion under which a task force consisting of City Police and officials from the Housing, Property Management and Human Settlement department will be formed.
Finally, the workshop resolved that community leadership structures would be established in informal settlements in line with the Development and Upgrading Policy.