Leopards in the city

15 September 2021 | Local News

Following the sighting of a large, healthy leopard in Ludwigsdorf, then later drinking at Avis Dam Valley on Tuesday evening, chairperson of Greenspace Vera Freyer shared some information that the organisation received from highly specialized wildlife vet.
According to Dr Ulf Tubbesing leopards commonly move around the city every night; we just don’t see them. “They are very shy animals and avoid any contact with people. Their movements are confined to the rocky mountainous areas all around Windhoek, and there are quite a number of them around,” he said.
He added that these animals will not attack people or larger dogs unless seriously threatened. “If, for instance, smaller dogs get too close to the leopard and are aggressive, they may get injured. Also, if people start manipulating the animal by, for instance, trying to get close enough to dart it, it will become aggressive in self-defence.”
Tubbesing said that it is “near impossible to dart a leopard because you will not get within the necessary 40 meters of it, and the only way to catch it would be to put up a leopard trap, a cage with some meat inside.”
As long as he could remember, no-one has ever been attacked by a leopard in the city limits, although they move around here all the time. “It is their natural habitat; they spend their days resting in trees or in caves, and only venture out at night in search for food. Importantly, they keep the baboon population under control.”