Magic at Mammadu

23 June 2019 | Social Issues

During the school holidays, the Mammadu Centre in Windhoek remains open so that kids that remain in the capital, are kept busy with some holiday entertainment and activities.

One of the highlights during these activities, was a performance by Mago Tony, a magician and the founder of the non-profit organisation Magic Brother World.

According to Agnes Albrecht of the centre, Mago Tony travels the world entertaining children, using his magic to stimulate the imagination of youngsters. “He has a special place in his heart for orphans, children with handicaps and those from impoverished backgrounds,” Agnes says. “He contacts local magicians in the countries he visits and provides them with training so that his projects can continue to develop and expand – and all this at no cost at all.”

Mago Tony found Mammadu on the internet and visited the centre together with a colleague, Hans Nordsiek. While his tricks can't be compared to those of Houdini or Dynamo – they are more like children's party tricks – Mago Tony succeeds in bowling everyone over with his magical flair.

“The children were so enthusiastic and inspired! Such pure joy! Their amazement and excitement were unbelievable, while for me it was more fun just to watch the kids. I can definitely recommend Mago Tony,” Agnes says.