Mammadu celebrates successes

Various goals achieved

17 December 2018 | Society

After two months and three weeks of noise and dust, a new eating area, activity room, classroom and shaded parking is complete at the Mammadu Centre in Otjomuise.

According to Agnes Röhm who runs the centre, the new eating area allows the children to sit properly for their meals while their table manners can also be practised.

“The new activity room for the older children gives them a space that they don’t need to share with the smaller kids, and the new classroom gives the older children the space to study and learn in peace.”

She says that all the changes are a huge achievement for the centre – something that was made possible thanks to support of many companies and individuals. “We still need to get a few things like shelves, but this should happen before the end of the year, so that in 2019 we can start properly.”


Some of the centre’s children began attending private school this year. “I’m very glad that Mammadu can afford the fees to provide them with a good education. Obviously there were some concerns about how the kids will cope in a new, ‘rich’ environment, but the schools helped integrate our children,” Agnes says.

She said that one of her boys has been accepted with no problems, that his results were very good, and that he participates in various programs offered by the school. “Another boy is still struggling a bit, mostly because of a language problem, as he is attending a German class. I think it will take a bit longer but he too will settle in.”

Unfortunately, Agnes says that one of her teenage girls is struggling to find new friends, “but I’m sure by next year these adolescent problems will dissolve and things will get sorted”.

The centre’s top learners recently visited Swakopmund from where they did day trips to the surrounding area, including Cape Cross to visit the seal colony, the moon landscape, a 4x4 trip to Pelican Point as well as a little cruise in the bay.

“Although it was freezing, the kids took a few swims in the ocean. We want to thank Naude and Katja for the 4x4 tour, Mola Mola for the cruise and Gondwana for the delicious brunch at The Delight. The kids enjoyed every moment!”