Meet NWR’s influencers

01 July 2021 | Tourism

Between 24 and 31 May, Namibia Wildlife Resorts (NWR) gave social media influencers the chance to submit a two-page proposal highlighting why NWR should collaborate with them from 1 July to 31 October 2021 on its first-ever Social Media Influencer Programme.
A total of 199 submissions were received from various social media influencers.
Of the 199 submissions, each one was subjected to the following criteria: the authenticity of the social media influencer, the overall quality of social media posts by the influencer, the demographics the social media influencer has and lastly, their level of engagement on their social media platforms.
Additionally, and very critically, each social media influencer had to highlight an alignment to NWR's values namely accountability, integrity, passion, excellence, innovation and environmental awareness, before they could be considered.
“We ended up selecting ten social media influencers with whom we will collaborate in the next four months. It pains us that we could not choose more influencers due to the high quality of submissions we received,” said Mufaro Nesongano, NWR Corporate Communications, Online Media and Sponsorships Manager.

And the winning influencers are…
The ten social media influencers that NWR will collaborate with are: Elizabeth Amunyela (@__ndapandula), Lourens Gebhardt (@louxthevintageguru), Lî Rossouw (@lirossouw), Kyle Lewin (@kylelewin_wildlife_photography), Pukuu Rijatua (@_pukuu), Maggy Lenga (@mlmaggy), Tjuna Kauapirura (@tjunak), Marsy Rita (@ladymarsela), Elizma Burger (@elizma.burger) and Ndapewa Nakanyala (@ndapewakoneka).
“Each one of these influencers brings a unique aspect that will greatly benefit us. As NWR, we made sure not to limit ourselves to established influencers, but looked at individuals that embody our values and have something unique and innovative to offer,” says NWR Managing Director Dr Matthias Ngwangwama.
For the duration of this programme, every influencer will have an opportunity to visit any five NWR establishments under the different classifications NWR has. Each influencer will receive complimentary accommodation, meals, and activities, excluding drinks.
In return, the influencer will be expected to post about their experience on their social media page/s and tag NWR using the #NWRMoments.
“It is unfortunate that our industry was so negatively impacted by Covid-19 because we would have wanted to remunerate each influencer for their time and transport costs they are going to put towards the realisation of this programme. We are thus very grateful to each one of them for accepting our offer and seeing an opportunity to further build their brand with us,” Nesongano concludes.