Mega sponsorships by MTC

30 June 2020 | Art and Entertainment

MTC announced sponsorships worth N$67.8 million for local sports, arts and culture – sponsorships that will see boxing, netball, rugby, horse racing, football, hockey and the National Youth Games receiving N$54.6 million over a period of three years as from 1 October 2020.
According to MTC’s chief human capital and corporate affairs officer Tim Ekandjo, their love for sports, arts and culture was the biggest motivation for this investment. “The sponsorship has been well thought through, approved collectively by MTC management and the board. We expect a return on investment from a branding perspective. If you fail to deliver on this deal we will respectfully cancel it,” he said.
He added that the beneficiaries were selected because of the value they provide. “We have never and still do not demand a certain level of performance expectation with any beneficiary we get involved with, because we understand the lack of infrastructure and resources compared to other countries. But we do demand a level of professionalism that is acceptable.”

• Netball: N$4.2 million over the three years.
• Boxing: N$18 million over three years to be shared between the MTC Nestor Sunshine and Salute Boxing Academies as well as the MTC Kilimanjaro Boxing Club.
• Soccer: N$19.8 million, of which the Dr Hage Geingob Cup receives N$1.6 million annually, while N$500 000 goes to the Hopsol Youth Soccer League. The MTC Namibia Football Association Cup will become the biggest local football competition, with a sponsorship of N$4.5 million annually.
• National hockey teams: N$1 million per annum, which translates to N$3 million over three years, allowing teams to prepare adequately for their upcoming international competitions.
• Namibia Youth Games: N$5.4 million over the three years.
• Namibia Horse Racing Association: N$1.5 million.
• Namibia Rugby Union: N$2.7 million for the ‘Get Into Rugby’ programme.
• The Windhoek Fashion Show and the 081Every one Music Fest receive N$3.6 million and N$9.6 million in total.