Mentorship journey begins

10 February 2021 | Business

Thirty-seven mentors and mentees of the Katuka Mentorship Programme completed three days of orientation training in Windhoek last week.
Two of the mentees, Ksveria Hambabi and Ndeshi Kakwambi, said they are excited to have started their mentorship journey and attain their goals in the process. They are being mentored by Louise Profijt and Janet Njembo.
Conducted by human resource specialist Sabine Ruegg, the three-day orientation training programme began with a self-understanding session for the mentees based on their ambitions and aspirations. On the second day, the mentors introduced themselves to the mentees and later got to bond as a team on the last day.
Hambabi, a teacher by profession, remarked that she learned a lot during the induction session and cannot wait to achieve her goals for 2021. “I always look for ways to improve on my profession, and I am looking forward to learning as much as I can in all spheres of my life,” said Hambabi, adding that her goal is to grow as a participant and pass on the knowledge to others to make Namibian a better place.

Mentors Profijt and Njembo, who are seasoned human resources and project management experts, said they are passionate about guiding young Namibian women to attain their goals and succeed in their professional and business lives.
Based in Oranjemund, Profijt said her plan for her mentee is to get her to network. She believes that this will help her mentee get to know people who can add value during their journey towards achieving their goals. “I am passionate about giving back to the young talented Namibian women.”
Njembo echoed Profijt’s sentiments and added that her goal is to ensure that her mentee achieves at least 70 percent of what she wants this year.

The programme
Sponsored by Bank Windhoek for the second consecutive year, the Katuka Mentorship Programme aims to empower and encourage entrepreneurs, business and professional women to succeed in their careers through mentorship by seasoned business and professional women. The late Lena Markus, former Businesswoman of the Year 2000 in the category Corporate/Professional, founded the Programme.
Annemarie van der Riet, who has been a mentor of the programme for the past eighteen years, said she had dedicated her life to it because of the friendship she enjoyed with the programme’s founder. She recalled that Markus was a passionate leader who believed in knowledge sharing. “Because of her, this programme brings talented and dedicated young Namibian women together; we have a promising future, and I have learned so much from the mentees, and it is an opportunity to serve.”