MTC aims for N$3 billion mark

05 September 2021 | Business

The 49% shares offered to the Namibian public by MTC is expected to raise between N$3 billion and N$3.5 billion, board chairperson Theo Mberirua said during a media conference on Friday, announcing the company’s listing on the Namibian Stock Exchange (NSX).
He said the listing will be the largest by a Namibian company since the establishment of the NSX, with 49% of shares available to ordinary Namibians. “There will be more than enough shares for all Namibians. We encourage everyone to apply for shares and become part of MTC’s future. Preference will be given to Namibian retail or individual investors, including customers and staff during the allocation process,” Mberirua said.
He added that MTC will launch a public offer awareness campaign on 6 September 2021. The public offer through which investors can apply, opens on 20 September and closes on 1 November 2021. – Nampa