Namibian realities explored

12 November 2018 | Events

Next Wednesday Dr Sem Shikongo hosts a talk on Namibians: A people living in two realities (Africa and Europe) at the same time at the Namibian Scientific Society.

Namibia is often described as the land God made in anger. But what about the people? Where they made in anger too? Namibia – the ageless land. What about the people? Are they ageless too? The land and the people are one.

Namibia is a modern state sometimes referred to as Africa for beginners. What does it mean? Is it Africa “light” or is Namibia compromising her own authenticity in search of a new identity and a new world view whilst forgetting the stark reality that Namibia is indeed in Africa.

Do we accept truthfully and truly that we are indeed Namibians and not Europeans? Where does history, heritage, tradition, customs, taboos, decrees, culture, arts, language and their functionality fit into all this?

The setting for the talk addresses these issues from a historical and cultural perspective embedded in a scientific and cultural understanding of these realities and the implications of these for us as Namibians today.

The outcome is aimed at helping us understand each other and our reality as Namibians. We live in two realities the European spirit in Africa and the African spirit in Africa. Do we as Namibians truly know and appreciate each other and our cultural differences, along with the implications of such understanding

The talk starts at 19:30 and entry is free.