Namibians their own worst enemy

19 November 2019 | Local News

Yolanda Nel More than 4 000 people lost their lives on Namibian roads since 2014. Of this number, 509 have died
on Namibian roads so far this year.
With 33 987 vehicle crashes that took place over the same period, the fatality rate on Namibian
roads is 11.77%, with one life lost for every eight vehicle accidents.
According to inspector-general of the Namibian Police Force Lieutenant General Sebastian
Ndeitunga, Namibia faces a serious challenge with regards to unabated road traffic accidents, which
is causing excessive road carnage to citizens and visitors.
Speaking at the launch of the festive season road safety campaign on Monday, he said that
expertise, time and resources need to be redirected to address the problem. “I believe that the
outcome of this road safety campaign will contribute to the improvement of the circumstances
surrounding our national roads.”
While many people blame fatalities on our national roads on road conditions and the lack of law
enforcement, Ndeitunga says that “our roads infrastructure is amongst the best in Africa. We should
rather blame it on road users’ attitude of being reckless, speeding and overtaking at blind spots,” he
said, adding that using cellphones and driving under the influence also plays a role.
Ndeitunga said that the Namibian Police Force, together with all stakeholders are committed to
ensuring that the message of road safety is implanted in each and every road user. Through this
cooperation, they have shared and will continue to disseminate road safety messages.