Nampol reacts to traffic video

05 October 2021 | Police

A video circulating on social media since last week, in which a member of the public is heard questioning and / or is involved in an altercation with a traffic officer, is misleading and enjoying attention for the wrong reasons, according to Nampol.
In a media release by Nampol, inspector-general Sebastian Ndeitunga, is quoted as saying that the law does not compel any traffic officer to keep or to produce calibration and operator's certificates to satisfy members of the public, adding that such documents may only be produced upon request from a court during a dispute.
"The actions of the person making the video is an extreme form of disrespect and undermines authority, while creating confusion. Compliance is what is expected when dealing with a traffic officer and failing to provide a driving licence upon request by an officer of the law, is an offence punishable by law," Ndeitunga said.
He added that owing to the above, the public is cautioned not to make assumptions but is encouraged to verify and confirm information from the relevant authorities so as to be referred to current laws as set out in the Namibian context. "All Namibians, foreigners and visitors are encouraged to be law-abiding citizens so that law and order, peace and security prevail," he said.
For further information, Nampol's public relations division can be contacted at 061 209 3470 or their social media platforms, or the Traffic Law Enforcement Division on 061 209 3805.